Our Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. money back guarantee

All sales are final, and no withdrawals are allowed, in which case the company's staff decides whether to return the money or not.

2. Receiving project requests

The user needs to talk about the system and the product in detail and in detail, and the products and systems are built according to the written details and requirements, except that any increase in the future or after the payment is considered an increase in the account and the account is paid.

3. How to pay

The sales are all paid in advance except in some special cases.

4. The right to protect the product

No product of our company is permitted to be sold or distributed to any other place without the permission and permission of the Company's staff.

5. Legal Procedures

All laws in Iraq, in the region and in the region where the system is used, apply to our products and must be upheld.

6. Legal penalty

In no way are our products allowed to be used in any illegal activity and our products are not allowed to be used in any way for any prohibited purpose.

7. The task of solving problems

Problems and shortcomings after receiving the system by the user need to be notified directly to the staff and the staff decides how to resolve the issues.

8. The right to refund

Problems and shortcomings and failures in creating a specific system after payment, the refund will be equal to the money received.

9. The right to stop supporting

The staff has the power to stop supporting any projects and systems created at any time.

10. The duty of time adherence

The customer has the right to ask for compensation for any delays in the execution of any project, provided that the delay is not the reason for the addition of new functionality to the system.

These terms and conditions apply to all customers and users who use Digic products, and users and buyers need to express their commitment before buying and abide by the above points, and at any time and in any case, not to be bound by any and all non-compliance. Suspend the activity of the project and no amount will be returned to the customer.

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